Service We Provide A Quality Experience Team with years of experience

Cash Processing Solution

Boosting effeciency and reliability on cash centers on their development and technology

Bank Equipments

Offering nothing but the best quality products and services needed for any finance firm to boost their growth

Total IT Solution

We offer total IT solution may it be hardware, software, datacenter, designing, mapping, integration, etc.


We cater to any needs of the customer. Looking to the need to further improve their business.

CDS-250L & OBS-300

Hitachi ST-350

CPS 7000

MC5500S | TrueTrust F1

DLR Cobra 8000

Hitachi ST-150

Hitachi iH-110

CPS X-Range 7500 | 9500

Clean & Modern Design

Well designed and architectured for ease of use for any user of any age and experience

Machine Performance

Manufactured to give 100% customer satisfaction performance on every machine

Endless User Training

Unlimited user training and provisioning of staff to ensure day-to-day activities

Lifetime Updates

Software updates are ready to be served and implemented on every machine

Endless Possibilites

More advance and modern functions available to use

24/7 Live Support

Day-in & Day-out online support for customers of all ranges

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Why Choose Us

INFOTECH Co. Ltd strengthens business relationships with customers through quality products and services. Another of INFOTECH’s advantages stems from its close attention to solving its customer’s and client’s problems and continually improving their business performance.

Quality Products & Service

Only internationally recognized products are being distributed by INFOTECh to ensure customer satisfaction

Highly Experienced Experts

All staff from INFOTECH are trained and certified from various fields

Day Night Support

24/7 Support to all clients. Fast response time for issues & innovative resolution.

Meet with our Team A Quality Experience Team with years of experience

Lamngeun Sayyasan

Administration Managing Director

Anousack Luengxayalath

IT Managing Director

Soukhasan Vanakham

Bank Equipment Managing Director

Valerie Tatlonghari

Cash Technology Managing Director