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Bank & Cash Processing Solution

Infotech has opened the big market for bank and cash processing solution in the country and is still continuing to be at its peak. Our banking & cash solutions doesn't only cater to major banks, it can be used and readily available to SMEs who wish to have modern, top-end, quality banking & cash products.

Our banking & cash solution products comes with a variety of sizes from small ones to bigger ones and has different capabilities from counting, sorting, detection, counterfeit, and much more.

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Total IT Solution

We offer total IT solution, from small computers to data centers, to small databases, to enterprise databases. Our IT solution isn't limited to just buying and selling products. Our solution also includes design, analysis, planning, implementation, consultation for any IT related projects that you need.

Our IT solution doesn't only revolve on Hardware, we also cater software, database, cloud-computing, websites, and much more.

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Consultancy & Real Estate

Infotech aims to have a good quality construction and real estate in Laos. Therefore, we aim to have professionaly and quality standard buildings built by our team of experts. One of our main goal is to help the country and its people have a good quality building and place to live in the country, where quality is not reduced but rather prioritize in all our constructions.

Our construction and real estate solution also includes consultancy and guidance for people who wish to know more and have better quality in their buildings and other stuff.

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