Sorting machine

INFOTECH's sorting machines improves cash management efficiency and reducing the workload whilst achieving high accuracy and productivity. Sorting equipment is used to separate dissimilar items into predetermined groupings as part of an automated process.

Here are some of the sorting machines that INFOTECH offers, some sorting machines comes with fitness sorting capabilities, authentication detection, multi-currency, etc.

Destruction Machine

INFOTECH's destruction machines are designed for central banks, the range of sophisticated banknote destruction solutions provides end-to-end destruction, conveying and collection systems. Each system is designed to guarantee the highest levels of operational security whilst maintaining the flexibility to meet the precise needs of the customer.

The destruction systems shred large volumes of banknotes and security documents into very small pieces that cannot be put back together again. Plus suction systems used to remove the shreds from banknote destruction units and banknote processing systems, and compress them into briquettes.

Here are some of the destruction machines that INFOTECH offers