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We Are A Professional Company

INFOTECH Co. Ltd is a local computer firm, which is established in 2000, it’s one of the most successful companies in Lao. The management and technical staffs of INFOTECH are qualified and trained from overseas. They are high set of skills and experience in the computer service.

INFOTECH is capable to supply and provide the services in Information and Communication (ICT), including the software development, customize the system and application for user needs, and also mainly supplying hardware and computer equipment (Desktops, Notebooks, PC Server, Power Supply, etc..) and its accessories, Network Design and Installation such as LAN (Local Area Network), Setting up Internet and Intranet system, Repair and Maintenance services in PCs, printers, photocopiers, etc.. More than that INFOTECH is providing consultancy in IT matters, Hardware and Software computer training course in different level of users.

We Have Worldwide Business

The most modern technology of computers and equipment are being sold by INFOTECH and are compatible with International Standards in terms of Software and Hardware. The products of INFOTECH are imported from overseas such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, etc.

The Quality and Good services offered by INFOTECH to its customer is one of an advantage factor for the maximum use of computer in the office environment. One of the offers is the training in computer software and computer troubleshooting, which is design by INFOTECH to improve the computer skill of the customers and also to meet the need and requirement of the customer. In addition to these, INFOTECH is providing on-site service and online help desk, which is very useful for the customer in terms of timing and convenience.

Technology & Cash Processing Solutions

Strategic Planning

We provide planning for any project, together with the documents, layouts, designs, analysis, feasibility studies, which would enable our customers to know and understand all the things that are happening in the project.

Professional Deliverance

Our group of experts and staffs are all trained to be equally competent in any work related to our services. Our team continually upgrades themselves and adjusts to circumstances to deliver the desired satisfactory output of our customers.

Expert Maintenance

ITC aims not to only stop doing work for any project when the implementation is done. It is always a code of conduct from our company to provide a competent maintenance routing for any of our projects. Our professional deliverance is not only at the beginning but until through and through of any project.

Completely Remarkable and Highly Effecient Skills

We earn our success based on our services to our customers, not at the expenses of our customers. We cater to the needs of our clients, and will go as far as to reach the needs and satisfactions of our clients in their projects.

INFOTECH has years of experience and expertise in different fields and focusing on Banking & Cash Processing Solution, INFOTECH provides one of the best solutions for clients of all sizes and industries.

INFOTECH Co. Ltd strengthens business relationships with customers through quality products and services. Another of INFOTECH’s advantages stems from its close attention to solving its customer’s and client’s problems and continually improving their business performance.

24/7 Dedicated Support | Customer Service Oriented

We earn our success based on our services to our customers, not at the expenses of our custoemrs. We cater to the needs of our clients, and will go as far as to reach the needs and satisfactions of our clients in their projects.

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Lamngeun Sayyasan

Administration Managing Director

Phao Leungxayalath

IT Managing Director

Soukhasan Vanakham

Bank Equipment Managing Director

Valerie Tatlonghari

Cash Technology Managing Director

Ting Sixouvong

IT Engineer

Bounsom Vongsakda

Bank Engineer

Pheophan Thilavong

Administration Officer

Davone Khemkham

Administration Officer

Bo Thongsavanh

Support Staff

Aenoy Senethavisouk

Support Staff

Sipasert Jittavong

Support Staff

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